Terms and conditions of accommodation in the properties of Apartments Estonia OÜ.

Tallinn, Estonia

Check in

Has to be previously coordinated and it starts from 15.00 hs.

Check out

Has to be previously inform and is possible until 12.00 hs.


Property does not have administration office and 24 h service. Please contact the administrator by email: contact@bookingestonia.com or phone +372  5507498 .


Secure and public parking place is located at Kaarli pst 2 A. Price 12 Eur/24 h. Reservation is not needed. Payment can be done at the parking place in cash or card.

Maximum capacity of the guests in tbe apartments or rooms

Terms of accommodation in the apartments and rooms state the maximum number of guests. Information about it you can find in Booking.com, Expedia,com, Hotels.com, AirBnb, or any other platform used for making a reserv or ask to the administrator.


The rates are non-refundable and a reservation is confirmed and guarantee once that is fully paid. In case of cancellation, modification or no-show 100 percent of the price of the reservation is charged. On the day of booking client will receive an email with payment details. Payment options are wire transfer or PayPal. Payment must be done in 12 h after receiving invoice and send us a confirmation in order to guarantee the reservation. Same day bookings can be paid by cash.

Personal belongings

The guest is entailed to check that there is no personal belongings left behind. Apartments and Guest House shall not be responsible for any belongings left in the properties after the check out.

Security deposit

Property reserves the right to keep the deposit from the client in summery from 50 Eur to 200 EUR in cash depends on the group. In case of any damage or loss to the apartment or room is detected, the deposit shell not be refunded. Client must pick up the deposit from the administrator, time of the pick up must be coordinated with the administrator of the property previously.

The guest shall be financially responsible for improper conduct of himself or third party that have caused any damage to the property belongs to Apartments Estonia OÜ. Property has right to claim deposit within 24 hs. after check out from the apartments or rooms.


Is forbidden to smoke inside of the properties of Apartments Estonia OÜ. Is forbidden to smoke at the entrance door of the apartments and guesthouse and leave the cigarettes and bottles on the floor.. Fine for the smoking inside of the property is 200 Eur. In case of smoking at the entrance of the guesthouse and apartments company has right to charge 50 Eur for extra cleaning. For breaking the non smoking rule repeatedly, suspending of the contract shall be calculated.


Is forbidden to have: noisy parties, listen the loud music in the properties of Apartments Estonia OÜ. The quiet time starts from 22 HS Until 08 HS

Breaking the contract: getting any complain from neighbors of the house, other houses, near rooms. Company has right: to ask guests to leave the property, keep 100 % of security deposit, charge from client extra 100-200 Eur as a compensation for disturbing the neighbors.

Loss of the keys and parking cards

The fine of the loosing the key is 50 Eur per set. Is forbidden to give the keys to the third party.

Furniture and property belongings

Is highly forbidden to take the property belongings from the apartments and rooms. Is forbidden to move the furniture in the property and rooms. Is forbiden to damadge the bedcovers, towels etc.

Company has right to charge for lost belongings according to the price of the market. In case of moving the furniture in the property or damadge of the bedcovers and towels company has right to charge 50 Eur for extra cleaning.


Cleaning fee of the Apartments Estonia OÜ is from 5  Eur per stay up to 30 Eur. For the groups in the guesthouse is 30 Eur in case the full house is reserved for one group.

How to reach us:

e-mail: contact@bookingestonia.com

GSM: +372 550 7498

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